From 1994 CompuParts benelux bv is a specialized distributor of network and data storage components with clients in most countries of the EU. With emphasis on products of young, innovative manufacturers. New are the super mini and ultra thin Panasonic notebooks from the "let's Note" series. Also did CompuParts gain a reputation in assisting customers searching for computer parts, that are no longer in production and which very hard to find.

 Available early next year; the seven series Panasonic Let's Note ultra light weight notebooks.
The CF-R7, CF-T7 , CF-Y7 and CF-W7 will replace the, by now legendary CF-R6,CF-T5, CF-Y5 and CF-W5. Some characteristics: Intel Core 2 Duo processors U7500. (L7500 CF-W7) Standard
1 Gb (max 2Gb) memory and a 80Gb harddisk
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